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A SuperheroVolunteer

Earn Badges & Collectible

RARE Trading Cards! 

The Super Cellular Team is putting together a new group called



Volunteer by singing, playing music, doing voice overs

and helping create these healing programs for kids. 

Made by kids - for kids!  


Let's do this together. 

Ask your parents to contact us today!

Adults can volunteer too!


Let's create healing beats, loops & tunes that have been scientifically proven to help kids feel better!


Do you have studio space? Do you have Music Producing Skills?


Do you know how to make beats and gets large groups of kids to sing and rock out with soul?  

We would love you to join our Super Cellular Team!


Let's join forces and help kids everywhere feel better!  

If you like this idea please consider joining our campaign by sharing Super Cellular with as many folks as possible. Let's spread the word and get Super Cellular the financial support needed to create this healing card series and so much more.  You can also buy cool Super Cellular SWAG at the campaign site and get some amazing perks you can't get on Zazzle.

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