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Jill Gatsby 

JILL GATSBY - Autobiography

I’m Jill, the co-founder & creator of Super Cellular with my son, Gabe.  This entire project has been a life long devotion and a lot of work on both our parts.  It’s also been the joy of my life. 


I’ve done a lot of creative things in my life from writing & producing stage plays in New York City, writing screenplays in Los Angeles, writing my latest novel in a loft in Big Bear Lake, California, and of course, creating children’s stories for Super Cellular.  I started serious editing about twelve years ago when Gabriel came up with the idea of Super Cellular.  I grew up in a Hollywood family that was highly competitive family that did not want to see Super Cellullar succeed, and so I moved up to the mountains to master editing and animation to make sure that Super Cellular would finally have its day in the sun, and help millions of kids everywhere. 


In addition to creating Super Cellular at 7000 feet, I also ended up meeting some amazing musicians. We created the Sonic Masquerade and I have been making music videos with rock stars, and even got to be a rock star myself!  It’s been a fantastic ride.  In the past three years I have produced, directed and edited over 50 music videos with all original costumes, content, music, lyrics and performers.  And now we are vamping up to shoot our first major motion picture,  ARTIFICIAL, "The Rock Opera from the future."   Please visit

Experience three years of all my collective work with filmmaking, music and art at  Sonic Masquerade is my full-time job and I am focused on publishing and producing musicians and artists with original works for our Sonic Masquerade Virtual Gallery for 2022.

Jill Gatsby - The Bio

Jill Gatsby is a long-winded pain in the arse.  She has ADD and does forty things at once, all while talking non-interrupted on the phone for decades on end. She has no self-control and should be kept inside of her studio at all costs!  She must only be let out to shop for food.  All news of politics and inequality must be kept from her lest she go full Phyllis Diller.     

Jill was a political translator for the most important entity in this entire solar system. From 2010 until this very day she has worked for #YourMutha at where she animated the planet and gave her a voice and an attitude similar to that of the Nanny!   

Jill Gatsby started in comedy doing stand-up at to the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd all the way back in 1886.  I’m sorry, 2006. She really looks great for her age! These days she’s doing her stand up comedy on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK LIVE when she’s got the time off from building content for and

Some of her comedic work includes writing both the one-man show & feature film, “Holyman Undercover” starring David White, Fred Willard and Pauli Shore. She’s also acted in a couple of very funny Henry Jaglom films with Tanna Fredrick, and she’s died in 6 bad horror movies!

#BadMutha was the last LOL music video Jill Gatsby produced for Earth Speaks Out, where she is playing a #BADMUTHA with co-star, her son, Gabriel Gocobachi! #BADMUTHA MUSIC VIDEO

Jill is also a serious actress … if there’s enough money on the table (; and so she is also one of the founders of The Sanford Meisner Center For The Arts and worked directly with Mr. Sanford Meisner for seven years in New York, Bequia and Los Angeles.  She is also the founder of the Super Cellular Music, Science and Arts Program that is currently in development.

As an artist, she created an art installation of recycled bottles in 2017 at the BEQUINOX ART FESTIVAL with her BELIEVE BOTTLE ART INSTALLATION where she transforms bottles headed for landfills into gorgeous LED Lighting systems that resemble alien oceans.

Visit for News, Insults, and Solutions!

Visit to get empowered and help kids get through illnesses and surgery with flying colors!    

Lastly, Jill Gatsby has written over two dozen screenplays both with her father, the late filmmaker, Larry Cohen and by herself.  Her stories range from thrillers and twisted dramas to outrageous comedies and unbelievable true stories. 

Visit Jill Gatsby’s latest productions at  


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