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Scientific Links and Sources for Super Cellular:


​Neutrophils.  They watch and wait for bacteria. When they find bacterial production in the gut, they send a text message up the body to make a cytokinethat to drive neutrophil production.”

When neutrophils die, they get absorbed up by other cells called macrophages and dendritic cells, downregulating their production of IL-23.


That way the body can actually ‘sense’ how many neutrophils have gotten to where they need to go in the body.


Stark and Ley theorize that this ‘turnstile’ is likely located in the mesenteric lymph node in the middle of the gut, and possibly the lungs and skin.

Every day, the human body manufactures and destroys about 100 billion neutrophils.


The most common type of white blood cell and one of the most highly-produced cells.


Neutrophils live about eight hours, are bacteria-eaters and are a key component of the immune system.


Without them, the body can be subject to life-threatening infection.


BRAIN CELLS CAN OUTLIVE THE BODY - while cells in the colon only live 8 hours.  


When he realizes he's only got eight hours to live - he has to cross the blood brain barrier into the baby and try and escape as a brain cell in the baby - 

If he can become a brain cell he could live forever! Some braincells have even been heard of outliving the human they are in.



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