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Gabriel on Gaming To HEAL!


Super Cellular Coding To Heal Gaming to help kids heal faster and get a fun introduction into science and guided imagery. 
Teaching kids Coding to HEAL and gaming to help other kids get well quicker with Guided Imagery is amazing.  It will instill in our future generations a sense of empathy, and love for each other. Not to mention that when you learn gaming and coding by playing inside of a little animated body with superheroes, you get to learn and understand the entire human anatomy from the inside out in the finest way imaginable!  
NOW LET'S DO IT 3D and Virtual REALITY!  
Think of all the little geniuses we can inspire with this process!  
 Listen to Gabriel, eleven years old, talk about why the way kids are learning CODING in the United States school system right now is dangerous for the kids, for society and for our future.   
Right now all kids learning CODING in the USA are learning to CODE TO KILL with first person shooter games.  Our kids to learn coding to KILL. Let's change that and do something super fun!  Let's teach kids Coding to HEAL instead.  
Let's bring Superior Science as wells as therapeutic empathy training to the education system using the healing superheroes right inside of all of us ... our cells!  
Gabriel has animated them into amazing cartoon characters with songs, music videos, healing games and guided imagery.  It's an animated CARTOON breakthrough in the medical industry for children.  
Kids get to journey inside of themselves with the cutest Super CELL Superheroes who guide them through learning how to relax, how to stop a headache, all the way to helping kids visualize battling cancer cells, infection, preparing to go to the doctor, get a shot, and more.  
Visit Gabriel Gocobachi at and learn more about the superheroes that live right inside of you!
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