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Super Cellular Family Meditation for the whole family.  This script is for the family and will help you all relax.  

(Have one family member read the script here = and make sure each time you do this to take turns!)

Place yourself in a comfy, cozy position. Close your eyes and take a long slow deep breath. As you breathe out, relax your body.

Imagine that you are standing on a beach. See the beach in your mind. Think about a beach that you may have visited, or you could use an imaginary beach if you like.


You can feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun is warm on your face. Look around you. In front of you is a huge ocean. It looks a silvery-blue color and the sunlight sparkles like tiny stars dancing on the surface.

You look at the ground and in front of you in the sand is Super Cellular.  You pick him up and he’s smaller than a grain of sand!  But you can see him.  He’s perfectly clear to you.  And he feels warm in the palm of your hand.

Notice how smooth Super Cellular is. Feel him with your fingers. This is your Super Cellular. You can tell him your secrets and he will keep them. You can also tell Super Cellular any worries that you may have. Tell Super Cellular about any problems that may be troubling you at the moment. No matter how big or how small they are. Super Cellular wants to hear them.

Whenever you have worried feelings you can tell Super Cellular about them and he will help you take those horrid feelings and turn them into good ones.

Now see yourself holding Super Cellular close to your mouth. In your mind silently tell him whatever you wish. No one else will know what you say; only you and Super Cellular.  As you say your words, they go right into the middle of Super Cellular and he turns all of your worries and concerns into healing light!  Tell Super Cellular your worries right now. Let him transform them into happy ideas.

Now you do not have to feel yucky feelings anymore. Super Cellular has worked with you to help them disappear. Just like magic!

They are gone!

As you hold Super Cellular close to your heart, you feel calm and happiness. You feel peaceful all the way from the tips of your toes, to the tip of your nose. Feel it right now. Notice how it feels.

It is important for you to know that you can imagine Super Cellular whenever you wish to make yucky thoughts and feelings disappear, whenever you wish to feel calm. Super Cellular will always be there for you, waiting in your imagination.

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