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Picks For The Week!



Why can't someone bring one of these to #BurningMan, already? 

This is my favorite pick of the WEEK! This gorgeous globe has PEACE written all over it in 37 different languages and they magically appear as you turn the magic orbacle. 

Earth Speaks Out! Get A Clue!  Go Human!

This the moon and I before we separated.  For ole' times sake!

Because more than anything you humans NEED Intelligence. 

Compost, compost, compost!

You can do it in your house, your apartment and even in a tent! Get to it already!

Stop With The Plastic, Already! Get these nifty jars and drink with impunity!

Because you stink and this soap is delicious.  Don't eat it. Wash your armpits with it!

If it's for sale on Earth Speaks Out

It's gotta be eco-friendly! 


It's time to SHOP EARTH because we all know you're going to shop somewhere and #YourMutha wants to make sure you're getting everything GREEN at the best price possible. That's why I've teamed up with AMAZON.  With their amazing help we've put together an entire store just for YOU that's eco-friendly and SAFE for your kids! 


Get your toilet paper here! Get your water bottles here! Get your healthy gourmet food here!  Get your toys, trikes, bikes, solar lights, arts and crafts and everything else green under the sun.  Why you can get almost anything GREEN you can think of here at EARTH SPEAKS OUT as long as it's eco-friendly.  


So click here to start shopping and if you join

AMAZON PRIME all of your shipping is FREE! 

What kid doesn't want to go to school with an EARTH lunch box? I rest my case. 

Grow your own food 

and know what's in it! Wow. What a concept!

Now this is how you make a drink! And no added junk and fake sweeteners  in this one.  It's all you, baby. 


How to clean without commiting suicide!

Don't be a dummy, get SMART bags! 

Stop with the plastic already!  Start with Eco-Friendly shopping bags.  Put them in your car, on your bike, on your back ... take them everywhere.  Take them to Disneyland!

The best thing you can do for your health is grow a sprout garden.

Grow healthy food right in your apartment, office or home. 

Drink Brita or play Russian Roullette with your


Because you're gonna need a lot of energy to save the human race!

Because you love your kid.

Solar Power your phone with this nifty little guy and never have a dead battery again!

Alright.  This coffee maker is the undisputed champion of coffee makers and it's eco-friendly! 

The key to freedom is in these little sprouts. 

Garbage bags that go away!  Wonderful. Please buy these.

Chemical Free

Laundry? Someone cares about you! It's #YourMutha!

Never pay for electricity again. Go Solar!

I give you LIGHT!


Wise up and invest in SOLAR PANELS! It's time to evolve. 

This is a rockin' humidifier. 

It looks cool and it works like a charm. 

Mother Earth's 

TOP 12 on AMAZON. 


Gifts Worth Getting


For the ultimate in meditation.  This Lladro Shakyamuni can catpult you into instant serenity. That's because all your money will be gone! No money. No worries.  

For peace of mind I recommend aroma therapy and a portable spa.  


Float this in your boat or in your pool to get solar powered music where ever you are! and it floats! 


So it's a little pricey, but when money is no expense this Sierra Solar Wireless makes sense. 


Here's the top of the line when it comes to cold pressed.  If you've ever dreamed of turning your home or office into a pro-juice center this Grindmaster is a must have. It's not messing around.  This is what the pro's use, baby.

These SOLAR LIGHT turtles are precious little guys and they make great walk way lights. 

If you have to ask you can't afford it is all I have to say, but what a glorious work of art!

As you can see I'm pushing BIkes, Bikes, Bikes ... Green, Green, Green and these bikes and are the coolest green machines on the market. 


Because it's like floating in the clouds and if you don't relax you're going to piss me off. 

If you think a solar phone charger is cool you're gonna love this - It is a solar powered battery charger for your laptop! Now you can work outside on your laptop all day and never die. At least your computer won't anyway. 

Self Help 

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, anger and/or loss? Try these SELF HYPNOSIS DVD's below every day for 30 days and YOU WILL see a difference.  There's only one catch ... you have to promise to walk briskly for 20 minutes a day no matter what!


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